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SubmitPlace an AdPost a JobSell a CarIt’s a Wednesday afternoon inside Youngstown State’s basketball weight room and, in between dead lifts and alternating shoulder presses, senior guard Mike Podolsky is arguing with junior forward Shawn Amiker about who is the strongest player on the team.”Oh, I am,” Amiker said.”No you’re not,” Podolsky said. “Who can bench 185 pounds the most? Let’s do it right now.”What about 225 pounds? Like they do at the NFL combine?”Nah, we don’t do that football stuff,” Podolsky said.Just then, Larry Johnson Jr., the son of the famous former Hornet/Knick, overhears the conversation, walks over, extends his hand and says, “You want to know who’s the strongest? Nice to meet you.”It’s the type of conversation you’d hear in just about any gym on any campus in America.But this isn’t just any gym. It’s a brand spanking new, $125,000, 1,500 square foot gym decked out with 40,000 pounds worth of free weights, 500 plus pounds of sand bags, 400 pounds of medicine balls, 300 pounds of chains, six custom built multi function racks, four 50 inch TV monitors (which flash between that day’s workout sheet and a “Defend Youngstown” logo) and various other machines/bands/ropes/sledgehammers.And that’s not all.

indoor led display Every LED has state value: 0 stands for the dim state, 1 stands for highlight state. When the pen gets close to some point but it’s not the point’s turn to light up, because the pen did not detect light,it maintains a high level at the output of the comparator. When it’s turn to light up this point, comparator outputs a low level, MCU executes interrupt program when it detect a level change, and gets value of current row and column, then set state that find the point by value of row and column of 1, and set it to highlight state when it’s lighted up next time. indoor led display

Mini Led Display Town Drop Off SitesPlease recycle your paper material at the curb or take to any county drop off sites located just outside town limits. Locations are listed below.Corrugated cardboard may be recycled at the town’s drop off site at Gables Shopping Center behind Kroger at 1322 S. Main St.Cardboard must be corrugated and flattened to fit through the slot in the collection container. Mini Led Display

4k led display Configuration The processor of this phone has a speed of 2 Ghz. The OS of this phone is Android 6.0.1 marshmallow OS with MIUI 8. This phone is available in three versions which has the capacity of 2/3/4 GB of RAM along with 16/32/64 GB of internal storage. 4k led display

hd led display Recognizing the public interest and the business opportunity, he started assembling a Titanic exhibit that was originally set up on Water Street, but has been Mini Led Display located at the Johnson Geo Centre since 2004. Daley says he’s worked as a logistics specialist on “pretty well” all trips to the wreck since 1998. That includes work on documentaries such as “Ghosts of the Abyss,” which Cameron directed in 2003.. hd led display

led billboard Jean Dodd Scheme Manager at Blackham House has noticed the benefits of the class and commented, ” you have no idea how much it has benefited the tenants, it something they all look forward to and even taken their work home to finish it. There is a real buzz around the place at the moment.” Mary Jacobs (relative) has noticed how the class is bringing together the residents through conversation, the class being as much about friendship, as it is art. The private view will be opened officially at 3pm on February 18th 2015 and all are very welcome to attend!. led billboard

led screen The work was cold and hard, but she loved experiencing the beauty of the ocean in the early mornings and the chance to be alone with her thoughts. She kept up with jewelry making, too, working summers for Sam Shaw, a well known Northeast Harbor artist and jeweler. After a couple of years, she gave up the lobster boat and worked full time for Shaw. led screen

led display Accent lighting makes a dramatic statement in any room. Highlight artwork with spotlights such as recessed fixtures or track lighting. Accent lights should be positioned at a 30 degree angle so that they do not put glare on the art or shine directly into the eyes led display.